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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

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Clients by Industry

Health Systems and Hospitals

NAPPI is effective in all health system and hospital settings, including those where staff care for difficult, challenging, or even dangerous patients. NAPPI’s Certified Trainers teach easy-to-remember skills that help staff provide humane, safe, and effective care in both acute and chronic care settings.

NAPPI's methods for health systems and hospitals are uniquely successful.

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Corporate Groups

A corporation’s need for NAPPI training differs greatly, depending on contact with customers, modes of communication, and current de-escalation techniques. Because of this wide disparity, NAPPI’s work with these organizations focuses on customizing a curriculum based on need and corporate culture, always with the company’s mission firmly in mind.


NAPPI for Schools Training equips teachers, special education staff, and administrators with safe and humane tools to create a culture of safety and respect.  NAPPI’s individual strategy incorporating positive behavior supports is essential to reduce risks and improve quality of life for both the students and staff. It teaches staff to predict, assess and respond appropriately to the wide array of behaviors exhibited by the student population.

Community Mental Health

Perhaps the most diverse and challenging organizations are Community Mental Health Agencies. Treatment occurs in a variety of settings from inpatient to group homes, to addiction rehabilitation to outpatient facilities. Treatment options are widespread, and volatility can vary greatly. NAPPI’s expert knowledge of each environment has helped organizations craft custom courses. From verbal de-escalation and diffusing techniques to self-protection and restraint strategies, NAPPI realizes that one size really does not fit all in these organizations.

First Responders

Because first responders are on the front lines of emergency response, their training is crucial to a successful outcome. NAPPI works with first responders to keep everyone safe in these tense, and potentially life-threatening, situations. Using NAPPI’s behavior assessment scale, first responders are equipped to recognize the threat level and act accordingly.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are faced with challenging and potentially dangerous situations on a daily, if not hourly, basis. With NAPPI training, they have the skills to assess the level of behavior they’re addressing and take appropriate action. This level of readiness keeps everyone as safe as possible, while moving toward a positive resolution.

Forensic Psychology

Caring for patients with mental illness requires both standard and advanced de-escalation and defusion training, as well as self-protection and physical restraint training. Clinical, security, nursing, and direct-care staff working with this population can rely on NAPPI’s common language® and practical skills to help them provide safe, humane, and effective care in this challenging setting.

Residential Care

NAPPI’s methods are particularly helpful in teaching residential staff how to establish an environment of trust and respect among children who may have little reason to trust their caregivers and who may possess very few social skills. NAPPI’s behavioral training is also effective in helping those with varying levels of need and ability in special education settings. NAPPI’s trainers are experienced and skilled at managing the language barriers, behavioral challenges, and developmental differences characteristic of special education populations.

Clients with varying cognitive, behavioral, and social abilities benefit greatly from NAPPI’s teaching toward maintaining a safe environment and support system for all residents, as they learn to manage their lives independently.