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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

Live in the Green

Health Systems & Hospitals

NAPPI’s de-escalation work began in health systems in the 70s, and much of our work remains in this industry. Our training is uniquely effective in all health system and hospital settings, including those where staff care for difficult, challenging, or even dangerous patients. NAPPI's Certified Trainers teach easy-to-remember skills that help staff provide humane, safe, and effective care in both acute and chronic care settings.

NAPPI’s integrated framework of behavior management, incorporates both our physical safety skills and our verbal de-escalation strategies in order to minimize harm to both patients and staff at all levels of inpatient care. NAPPI’s Common Language® is cited most often as the unifying feature linking staff in the Behavioral Health, Emergency, and Security Departments of public health systems and hospitals.

Other trainings offer crisis intervention, while NAPPI believes in prevention. We are experts at understanding behavior and what it means. We teach your team how to assess behavior and respond by "staying one step ahead."

NAPPI teaches staff to respond with field-tested, easy-to-remember techniques that not only deal with the immediate incident at hand, but also build a culture of cooperation among staff in all departments.

​NAPPI for hospitals equips Emergency, Behavioral Health and Security Department staff with the skills needed to stay one Stay One Step Ahead™ of escalating behavior. NAPPI teaches safe and humane resolutions, moving individuals away from a paradigm of control toward a paradigm of cooperation and trust, using the following system:

NAPPI SMART Principles®

The foundation for assessing and preventing violence in hospital settings.

NAPPI Common Language®

A vocabulary for communicating quickly and clearly about patient behavior and violent incidents.

NAPPI Red Behavior Scale®

Clear definitions for the five levels of escalating behavior and NAPPI's safe, effective responses for each.

NAPPI Green Behavior Scale®

Supports that guide staff in the delivery of superior quality of care, with special emphasis on chronically and mentally ill patients.

NAPPI Physical Skills

Industry-leading techniques that are humane and effective when self-protection becomes necessary and/or restraint is unavoidable.