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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

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The NAPPI Advantage

NAPPI's Clinical Director, Mary Farrell, explains how NAPPI utilizes a behavioral assessment scale to identify the early signs of agitation and avoid escalation.


With a NAPPI training, members of your organization benefit from working with the only behavioral safety system that utilizes a behavioral assessment scale to identify the early signs of agitation and avoid escalation.

NAPPI’s Lalemand Behavioral Scale® , trains people to recognize the behaviors at every level and to understand second-level messages, while providing trainees with the exact responses needed. Further, specific trainer modules provide the strategies and skills necessary to intervene effectively.

When your organization trains with NAPPI, the scale will provide the NAPPI Common Language®, easily used by all trained employees, from front-line staff to administrators. This creates an environment of clear, concise communication, in which everyone is on the same page.

By the end of a NAPPI training, your organizational system will be better prepared as a whole to effectively assess situations and understand how to avoid escalation.