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Non-Absuive Psychological and Physical Intervention Training

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What They're Saying

Denise Irizarry, RN, BSN, MEd, CEN

"The NAPPI courses are extremely practical and are easily customized. The instructors are very knowledgeable and received rave reviews from our staff. NAPPI has allowed Security Units, Emergency Departments, and Behavioral Health Units to use a common language and techniques that synergize our team approach in the care of our behavioral health patients. We have built NAPPI into our event reporting system to measure its effects on patient and staff safety."

Mary Farrell - NAPPI Clinical Director

Traci A

Health Care

Obviously, we are much better because of NAPPI and we have been nationally rated as one of the top 100 workplaces. Our team members feel safe! That’s priceless!

Chris Pollard, Training and Facilities Coordinator, Second Spring, Williamstown, VT

"The 40-hour NAPPI Trainers’ Course that I took was, without a doubt, the best civilian training that I have ever received, and it is on par with some of the military courses that I took, too."

Karen C

Mental Health

In my 30 years experience, NAPPI is the best program I have had the privilege to teach.

Marie D

"We just received an Exemplary Performance on our CARF Survey, due in large part to NAPPI. To reduce the incidence of seclusion and restraint, the Harbor’s CSU member staff was trained in NAPPI . . . As a result of using this technique, incidents of restraint and seclusion have significantly decreased (by over 50%) over the last two years."

Amos M

Residential Services

With eight years as a NAPPI trainer, I recognize the value it provides as safety training. I find NAPPI's most crucial aspect to be its emphasis on relationship building. Creating a culture of cooperation where everyone is valued, both clients and staff, reduces the likelihood of conflict and improves outcomes. NAPPI teaches the concrete tools to respond to volatile situations but even more importantly, NAPPI provides strategies for systemic culture change that makes volatility less likely in the first place.

Brian L.

Law Enforcement

Based on my 32-year career dealing with public safety and nearly 20 years as a police officer, NAPPI is a critical part of the de-escalation and management of people.  All people. Our treatment of people needs to be first priority, and law enforcement should be trained with a clear perspective on how to remember that they actually deal with human beings for a living. It's so important not to forget that.

Lynn J.

Mental Health

NAPPI is effective in serving clients in a respectful, trauma-informed way that supports their needs. It is strengths based and non-judgmental in addressing behaviors and provides effective tools to safely manage behaviors that keep both the client and staff safe.

David Farrell - CEO, NAPPI International

Terry G

Health Care

NAPPI training improves morale because it shows staff that we are invested in their safety and the safety of our clients. It improves the confidence of staff who now feel prepared to de-escalate a variety of situations, and it's always better to be proactive than reactive.

Laura R

Behavioral Health

NAPPI language and verbal skills are used daily in everyday conversation and interactions with our clients. It has become a second language to staff. Great concept! NAPPI WORKS!!

Scott P

Residential Services

I believe Nappi is the best course for learning to be proactive in avoiding restraints.

Wendy S


I frequently recommend NAPPI to other organizations; in fact, I took the opportunity to do so yesterday in a meeting with the local public schools.

Mike S. - NAPPI Trainer

Behavioral Health

Mike S. explains the benefits of NAPPI training, both as a former behavioral health professional and in his current role as a NAPPI trainer.

Lyndsey C

Corporate Client

NAPPI has provided our staff with safe and effective tools to recognize the onset of negative behaviors, in order to anticipate and prevent future violence. It has also helped to create a common language that staff have used in their incident reports and progress reports.

Sarah L

Health Care

NAPPI trainings are relationship-driven, easy to understand, easy to teach, easy to implement.

Kelly M.


Nappi is so effective that we use all of its components daily.

James M.

Law Enforcement

Throughout my career as a Police Officer, I’ve taken classes on a variety of topics including the Use of Force.  According to countless studies, Use of Force situations bring about the most injuries to Police Officers, and the most lawsuits.  The Nappi Verbal De-Escalation course gives you valuable information that falls between all of the other courses offered, helping you recognize and react to threatening behavior before it becomes necessary to go hands-on.  Avoiding the need to use hands-on force greatly reduces the potential of Police Officer injury and costly lawsuits.

Kathleen T

Health Care

NAPPI is a very effective program that can be adjusted to fit the needs of just about any organization. And the company is fantastic to work with and for. Very kind, professional staff at all levels.